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For the past forty years, Volna Engineering has provided one-of-a-kind solutions to difficult measurement and tooling problems for the aerospace and defense industries. Significant trademarks of Volna Engineering design embody the principles of "kinematic coupling," as follows:

  • Any free solid body has six possible degrees of freedom in space -- three of translation and three of rotation.
  • If a body has six degrees of constraint, it has no freedom.
  • If a body has more than six, a condition of stress exists.
  • Removal of constraints, one at a time, allows additional degrees of freedom for a specific task in any machine or measuring instrument.
  • A machine element with one necessary degree of freedom and more than five degrees of constraint will have uncertain performance (hysteresis), higher friction, and higher cost.

If you are currently planning a device, product, or machine that must possess high precision performance for the least cost, consider the use of "kinematic coupling" design principles. Contact Volna Engineering for consulting fees and possible fabrication details. One day seminars are encouraged.


Products of Kinematic Design

The following photos of Volna Engineering products are examples of kinematic design that have successfully stood the test of time with undiminished performance:


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